Site Launched

Well everybody, the site is finally up and running, and what perfect timing!  With the arrival of NYU in two days and the threat of hurricane Irene looming over the city of New York, the site is certainly getting off to a stormy start…….

A few things to go over in regards to the launch of the website and its contents.  This site, in all its glory, will mainly serve as a creative way for me to post my photography; however, it shall also be the most direct way to find out about my life and the current projects I am working on.  Also, if your interested in purchasing some my photos, this is the site to do so.  This website is not a way to contact me or have me contact you……just making that clear.  So whether your here as a friend or a fan, I hope you enjoy the photos and the website.


Also, thanks to my friends the Dominguez’s, who made this site a reality.  You two have really been a driving force in encouraging me to continue my work as a photographer, and for that, I thank you.

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