First day of the rest of my life.

Well everybody, NYU welcome week is almost over and the first day of school officially starts tomorrow.  I can honestly say I’m excited to finally hit the books, as strange as that sounds, and interested to see how I cope with the college level education and schooling system.  In case any of you forgot, I haven’t been to a normal learning establishment since the spring of 2003 and with this drastic new change in schooling, I’m also drastically changing the way I behave and acclimate to life in NY.


The city has treated me well for the past week, with only a few mishaps putting me off course (all of these involving homeless people.)  Whats interesting about the homeless community of NYC is the strong artistic presence in the majority of them, and while most live on the street, the life they live is the life they love.  Really gives a new reality to the phrase “starving artist.”




Im going to tell you guys a little bit about the way this site is going to work and the amount of new content you’ll all be seeing.

From here on out, unless a problem occurs, I will be releasing three new pictures a week.  One picture will come on Monday, the next on Wednesday, and the final on Friday.  So make sure you guys check back throughout the week to keep updated on everything that’s happening.


Ive found myself on a new path that can lead me almost anywhere, and just like the immortal Robert Frost, I shall take the road less traveled by.

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