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Hello again my friends.
If your wondering why its taken me a little while to get back to all of you, midterms finally caught up with me, and I’ve been really bogged down. NEVERTHELESS! I’m here and ready to post new photos.

Did a lot soul searching over the last couple weeks, asked myself some essential questions if Im going to continue down the current path of education.
Gallatin is a program which allows me to take and design anything I want within my curriculum, a problem all Gallatin students have to then face, is definition. When the students of Gallatin spread themselves too thin, it can create a less than ideal situation where the scholars are left with too little knowledge in too many fields, rather than quite a bit of knowledge within one field of study. It can be hard to get a career in a desired profession if your not able to meet the requirements with the people or places looking to hire, and if you do not take the time to study the profession and field, you won’t be able to meet those requirements.
Due to this racking of my brain, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to land on a specific interest before time is up. This may be a premature worry of mine considering it’s only the first semester, but without a doubt, its better to be prepared. What that interest is however, is still in hot debate.

**Update on the website**

nothing new to report on the technicalities of the site.

I’ll be getting new photos up asap, talk to you all soon.

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