Big Guns

Well, well, well. Its been a little while has it not? Sorry for the delay.

I don’t like making excuses for lack of content but here I go………I left the charger to my camera and 1 battery at my house back in California. This meant that I was running on a short window of time until the one battery I did have, inevitably ran out. I haven’t taken a photo in about a week! Fear not, my father is shipping out my battery and my charger, meaning I should have it by the end of the week.

Hope you guys all had a great hallows eve. I’ll make sure I put up a photo of dylan, myself, and possibly the rest of the gang as a thanks for the long wait.

It’s right around that time of the semester where all the prospective young (and old) students look into what classes they’re going to take for the following semester.

I’ve landed on the one thing that truly interests me within school, (and since I’ve been very young) after a bit of a battle with indecision. That one thing is the humanities, or more specifically: Archaeology. I will not be taking photography next semester.

“BUT-BUT WHY???” let me explain.

When I had originally taken photography as a class, it was not only due to the fact that I enjoyed it as a passion, but primarily because every career needs some form of photo documentation. Understanding how to work a camera, being able to take well constructed shots, while simultaneously being able to make them pleasant, is important for EVERYONE. Now that I understand these things, I’ve decided not to spend anymore of my courses dedicated to it. This does not mean I will stop updating this website. Worry not, I will still be taking just as many photos as before.

Hope you guys have a good couple weeks, I’ll update more frequently.

p.s. One thing about photography.
Photography can become a game of guns. Assuming both photographers have the same eye for photography, whoever has the best equipment, “should” be able to take the most interesting shot. This creates an environment where whoever has the biggest gun, shoots bigger bullets. get what I mean?

Don’t let this scare you, photography is about asking questions with your art. And while it may be important for your photo to look beautiful, it’s of much more importance to be able to have people guessing at what your photo is trying to speak.

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